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Welcome To Singh Homoeo Clinic !

     Happy New Year 2021 to all of you

Main aim/moto of Singh homoeo Clinic is Treat the suffering huminity, “Transparency” in clinical practice with “evidence based cure” is unique feature of this clinic. 

Singh homoeo Clinic is one of the best Classical modern homeopathic clinic where patients are treated according to “strict homeopathic principles and regulations”
Your search for “perfect homeopathic physician” ends here, every case is treated by “ individual medicine” according to their “ own unique symptoms and personality” rather by a readymade/patent medicine.
The purpose of this website is to present before a vast field of homeopathy with "evidence based cure” which gives a confidence to a patient seeking permanent, affordable and harmless treatment.
we accept “case as a new challenge” and every case “as a new faith in us and homeopathy.” With internet and other fast communication medium everyone is connected and it hardly matters the location of your treating physician you trust.
we have seen several patients who are almost disappointed and are in condition of despair after trying many type of medication even for years.
Every system has its own advantages/scope and disadvantages/limitations but in homeopathy we offer most gentle, permanent restoration of health at the most affordable rate.
Our physian have  many year experiences for treating chronic/difficult cases and talented practitioners of homeopathy in Sri GANGanagar(Rajasthan) and Gorakhpur(Uttar Pradesh) in India.

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