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Why Singh Homoeo Clinic

Physicians of Singh homoeo clinic are an ardent follower of Dr. Hahnemann and follows the strict principles of homeopathy. He uses and advocates the usage of only single simple medicine at a time, unlike other homeopaths who are prescribe lots of medicines at a time.
Homeopathy consider person as a whole and monopharmacy
Homeopathy also strictly follows nature’s law of cure.
Dr.Singh is also among very few of the Users of LM scale or 50 Millesimal scale of potency. This potency or scale had been invented in Hahnemann’s later years of life and remained unknown to the world till early 20th Century when Dr.Boerreik published 6th edition of Organon of Medicine.
This scale is mild and very effective with no side effects.
Transparency is the most important part of his practice .You will get written prescription what he prescribe for you.Results of his practice you can see date wise progress in  cases detail.

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